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Safety Alert

Call for inspection for the ASTRO and CANYON GUIDE harnesses
Work at height from a lift Petzl new test tower building - Crolles France - Use only with


Simple to use, comfortable, with numberous accessories and technically suited to requirements of the work they are designed for, Petzl harnesses set the standard in terms of safety and efficiency for workers at height.

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rope access harnesses

RA Harness

Very comfortable harnesses, with integrated ventral rope clamp to facilitate ascending a rope.

Petzl Harnesses

FA Harness

Fall Arrest harness

Fall-arrest harnesses with a simple lightweight design.

Fall Arrest and work-positioning harnesses

FA/WP Harness

Fall-arrest and work-positioning harnesses that are comfortable and easily donned.

FA/WP/S Harness

harnesses for fall arrest, work positioning, and suspension

Versatile and very comfortable harnesses for fall arrest, work positioning, and suspension.

Tree Care harnesses

TC Harness

Very comfortable harnesses, with attachment bridge for greater freedom of movement in the trees.

Rescue Harness

rescue harnesses

Lightweight harnesses suitable for various rescue environments.


Evacuation triangles and litter

Equipment designed for rope rescue (such as in confined spaces or on cable lifts).


Harness accessories

Accessories for connecting equipment or improving the transport of material on the harness.

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