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Anchors are the link between the safety system and the structure or the terrain. To complement the standard anchor gear, Petzl offers a lifeline device specific to horizontal progression and a complete set of accessories.

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Rock and concrete anchors


Elements that allow installation of temporary or permanent fixed anchors.

Petzl Harnesses


Rigging equipment

Swivels provide a solution to the problems of twisting and tangling ropes, especially when hauling. Rigging plates allow the work station to be organized and increase the number of anchoring options. Connection rings allow multiple anchors to be organized.


Anchor slings and straps


Quick adjustment anchor


Temporary horizontal lifeline

This equipment allows rapid installation of a horizontal lifeline.


Anchor straps for tree care

The anchor strap for tree care is used to improve rope glide at the anchor while protecting the tree from abrasion.

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