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Safety Alert

Call for inspection for the ASTRO and CANYON GUIDE harnesses
Canyoning in Riou de Cuébris intégrale (06) France Use only with Petzl logo and © 2019 Pet


Built for group and intensive use, Petzl harnesses are designed to be durable and easy to use. They allow you to equip your clients whether it's for the climbing gym, via ferrata outings, canyoning or adventure parks. Available in multiple sizes, they are easy to adjust and handle, making your daily gear management easy.

Adjustable harnesses that are easy to put on, comfortable, and adaptable to different sizes, available with or without adjustable leg loops. For climbing or via ferrata.

Petzl Harnesses

FA Harness

child harness

Harnesses for small children. Adjustable and comfortable, they are easy to put on and adaptable to different abilities and body sizes.

adventure park harnesses

FA/WP Harness

Simple, adjustable harnesses built for intensive use in adventure parks.

FA/WP/S Harness

canyoning harnesses

Designed for activities in water, these harnesses are made with durable materials for intensive use in wet environments.

monitor harnesses

TC Harness

Comfortable seat harnesses designed for route-setting and wall maintenance.

Rescue Harness

harness accessories

Accessories that increase options for carrying equipment on harnesses.

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