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For the climbing gym or for vertical outdoor activities, Petzl offers several types of connectors, with different shapes, sizes, gate openings and locking systems, so that they are adapted to your activities.

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Locking Carabiners

RA Harness

Carabiners with a gate locking system, designed for use with a belay device, a descender, or for setting up an anchor.

Petzl Harnesses

FA Harness

Special Locking Carabiners

Lightweight carabiners designed for specific uses including for harness fastening, via ferrata lanyards, or for additional braking with a descender, among other uses.


FA/WP Harness

Complete quickdraws designed for protection when climbing.

FA/WP/S Harness

Quickdraw Slings And Accessories

Sewn slings and webbing protectors can be assembled to make a complete quickdraw.

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