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Customizable Helmets

RA Harness

Petzl Custom can customize helmets, providing choice of shell color, size, or pre-adjustment of the size around the head. Stickers with a logo, reflective strips, and/or personalized markings can be printed.

Petzl Harnesses

FA Harness

Customizable Ropes

Petzl Custom can customize ropes to meet your specific structural needs. We offer the choice of color, length, and the option to add a manufactured sewn termination to one or both ends.

Customizable Lanyards

FA/WP Harness

Petzl Custom can customize the lanyard’s color and length, and offers a choice of a single or double arm. Choice of terminations and harness connection types are also possible. Connectors and TRAC trolleys can be pre-installed for a ready-to-use solution.

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