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TWIN RELEASE, Releasable double progress capture pulley for haul systems

TWIN RELEASE, Releasable double progress capture pulley for haul systems


Releasable double progress capture pulley for haul systems


Releasable, the TWIN RELEASE progress capture pulley is designed to set up 4:1 haul systems for work in confined spaces or for technical rescue. Releasing the cam is possible with the ergonomic handle. The brake integrated into the moving side plate and the main faceted sheave with single-direction rotation, offer additional braking and better control when lowering heavy loads. The two sheaves provide excellent hauling efficiency. The swivel facilitates operations, allowing the pulley to be oriented under load and direct connection of carabiners, ropes, or slings.

  • Double progress capture pulley with handle to release cam:
    - Ergonomic handle for easy release of the cam
    - Brake integrated into main moving side plate allowing comfortable and precise control when lowering heavy loads
    - Cam can be locked in the open position to easily feed slack
    - Toothless cam helps preserve the rope and allows for easy transition from lowering to hauling and vice-versa
  • Efficiency is optimized for 4:1 haul systems:
    - Large-diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent hauling efficiency
    - Main faceted sheave with single-direction rotation provides excellent efficiency when hauling and adds friction zones with the rope for additional braking when lowering heavy loads (more information in the Instructions for Use and in the technical tips at
    - Parallel-mounted sheaves and auxiliary attachment point for setting up various types of complex haul systems
  • Easy to use:
    - Triple-action opening of the moving side plates is quick and easy, even with gloves
    - Red indicators provide a visual warning when the side plates are unlocked
    - The rope can be installed with the device connected to the anchor
    - Hole in the handle for installation of a remote control cord
  • Facilitates operations, thanks to the swivel:
    - Allows pulley to be oriented under load
    - Accommodates up to three carabiners
    - Swivel and auxiliary attachment point allows the use of ropes and slings for easier rigging
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