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SIROCCO® Ultra-lightweight helmet for climbing and mountaineering

SIROCCO® Ultra-lightweight helmet for climbing and mountaineering

Ultra-lightweight helmet for climbing and mountaineering


Remarkably lightweight for ambitious climbers and mountaineers. The SIROCCO helmet was designed to give you an exceptional weight-to-protection ratio (170 g). Lower in the back, the design provides greater coverage and offers enhanced protection over the entire head. Its low profile and superior ventilation give you all-day comfort.

  • Description

  • Ultra-lightweight design:
    - Perfect for long days at 170 g
    - Minimalist buckle and adjustable webbing for increased comfort and lighter weight
    - Hybrid construction with an EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam shell and rigid crown injected with EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam
  • Enhanced protection:
    - Designed in accordance with Petzl’s TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label
    - Designed for optimal protection against impacts to the side, front, and rear of the head
  • Maximum comfort in action:
    - Open front profile makes the helmet rim invisible to the user and offers an unobstructed field of view
    - Headband and chinstrap webbing are fully adjustable
    - Low-profile buckle locks in place to help keep the chinstrap from loosening unintentionally
    - In addition to ventilation holes, the interior foam and liner feature integrated air channels for better air circulation
    - Two front clips and rear elastic band for securing a headlamp to the helmet
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