To become able to thoroughly examine Petzl PPE using the Petzl protocol and explain any decisions taken (with the products covered being PPE for protection against fall from height, impacts and slips.).


  1.  Risk assessment and associate decision-making.\
  2.  Potential hazards associated with the use of PPE for protection against falls from height.
  3. Legislation and current requirements regarding the management of PPE.
  4. Definition of “competent person”.
  5. Employer and PPE Inspector responsibilities
  6. Understanding a technical notice
  7. Principal actions of the examiner: maintenance, returns under warranty, removal of products from service, etc
  8. Principal corrective actions: information to provide for the users and/or their management system 
  9. Necessary tools and work environment to efficiently perform PPE examination.
  10. Presentation of Petzl Technical Institute PPE examination protocol.
  11. Pre-use checks, special inspections, thorough examinations, signs and symptoms, significance of any defects, criteria for removal from service
  12. Identify defects and damage, which would result in the item being removed from service.
  13. Inspections reporting.
  • Pre-requirements

    Significant practical experience within field of verticality with relevant fall protection equipment.

    Learning support and certification

  •  Technical documents and module workbook.

  •  Certificate of Competence.

  •  Validity of this Petzl Solution module is 3years

     After or during this time the candidate may renew their certification by taking module VAX 028.

    Course Duration: 3 days

    Course Fee: $750 (before GST)

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