The most sensitive climbing shoe ever built. Designed exclusively for overhanging rock, the Project™ features Five Ten’s ground-breaking Prehensile ™ technology that lets you use your feet like hands. Prehensile Technology allows climbers to grab like never before. Due to the unprecedented durability of new Stealth ™ Mystique™ rubber, the Project’s downturned soles are only 2mm thick (other climbing shoes have at least 4mm thick soles). If you’re climbing hard overhanging routes outdoors or at the gym, the Project is the best choice. 



TEAM 5.10

Five Ten® put the world’s top climbers to work—helping to design the Team Shoe, the world’s most perfect bouldering and sport climbing tool. This “secret weapon” has ultra-thin, ultra-durable 3.5 mm Stealth® Mystique™ rubber soles. The Team 5.10® Shoe combines surgeon-like precision, unprecedented sensitivity and a perfect fit. The Team 5.10® shoe is designed for cutting-edge sport routes, bouldering, and competitions. This shoe excels at the most technical footwork needed to establish the most difficult climbs in the world, and win world-class competitions.

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