Maltese Falcon Race5151

Created for the all-mountain rider who wants a light performance shoe that crosses over into Enduro, the new Maltese Falcon is the answer. The lightweight upper repels water and dries overnight, even in the wettest and muddiest conditions. The soles are STEALTH S1 rubber for optimal friction and durability.

Freerider KIDS5154 GREY / LIME

The new Freerider Kids packs all the same features as our adult-sized Freerider into a form factor that's perfect for kids. The Freerider Kid's comfortable fit, breathable suede leather/mesh upper, and supportive cup sole will encourage your mini-me's to ride, run and romp all day. Parents will also appreciate the durable STEALTH Marathon outsole which provides long-lasting, non-marking, sticky rubber.


Freerider KIDS5153 team black red


Spitfire5222 dark grey / bold orange

When Shealth's typical super-high friction is too much, but you need maximum durability, Spitfires are the shoe of choice. Ride or walk to class, master the art of slacklining or hang at the skate part; the Spitfires give you the ideal balance of grip and durability with Shealth Marathon outsoles, perfect for jumpers and slope style athletes like Christian Wright.

Suede Leather / Polyester Textile 



The Spitfire, offered by the Brand of the Brave™, can handle everything from pavement, dirt, or board to slackline and BMX tricks. The shoe’s one-piece molded Stealth® outsole provides ultimate traction on all surfaces, and the classic skate profile with a mid-top height adds ankle support and protection. The upper is high-quality split-grain leather with reinforced double stitching. Think of the Spitfire as the ultimate aerodynamic multi-sport weapon. 

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