9.8 mm single diameter rope is versatile and appropriate for progression toward high-end climbing


With a 9.8 mm diameter, the CONTACT 9.8 single rope is designed for climbers looking to progress in their rock climbing practice. This rope offers an excellent balance of light weight and durability for greater versatility.

  • Versatile rope for climbers looking to progress:
    - balance between weight, durability and handling of the rope
    - diameter offers maximum versatility and an introduction to thinner ropes
  • Greater longevity and ease of use:
    - UltraSonic Finish: the core and the sheath are bonded together at the rope ends by an ultrasonic process called UltraSonic Finish; gives greater durability and avoids frayed ends
    - ClimbReady coil: specific coil makes the rope ready for use; helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes and increases longevity
  • More effective belaying:
    - diameter facilitates belay device usage
    - Middle Mark: indicates the middle of the rope to facilitate maneuvers
    - EverFlex treatment: special thermal treatment stabilizes the core strands and improves consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time.



• Diameter: 9,8mm
• Rope type: (CE EN 892, UIAA): single rope
• Weight per meter: 60g
• Percentage of sheath: 41%
• Number of factor 1,77 falls: 7
• Static elongation: 9,0%
• Dynamic elongation: 35%
• Impact force: 8,4kN
• Construction: 40 carrier
• Material(s): nylon

Reference(s) R33AB 070

Color(s) blue
Length 70 m

Reference(s) R33AT 070
Color(s) turquoise
Length 70 m

Reference(s) R33AB 080
Color(s) blue
Length 80 m

Reference(s) R33AT 080
Color(s) turquoise
Length 80 m

Made in DE

Guarantee 3 years 

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