rock exotica

Arizona Vortex

The Vortex has a two-piece break-apart head that can be rigged as a standard tripod, or in advanced applications, as an A-Frame, a sideways A-Frame, or a Gin Pole. The "easel" leg allows the tripod to be leaned to form an easel A-Frame, placing anchor points close to the cliff or structure edge. With adjustable leg lengths and a versatile this leg, the Multipode lets rescuers set up an artificial high directional in virtually any urban, industrial or wilderness location. Three different types of Vortex feet are available to provide secure footing on varying terrain.

Weight: 28 kg(62 ibs)

Proof loaded: 23 kN

Safe working load: 600 lbf (2.7 kN)

Note: Available in Black (Special order require)

Vortex Feet and bags are sold separately

available for Malaysia and  Indoneisa

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